Marketing and Sales: Results Come From Satisfying Clients’ Needs


In Osaka, Japan, the Marketing Week featuring cutting-edge marketing measures consisted of five Expos simultaneously: sales support, Web/SNS utilization, CX/customer nurturing, etc. Intriguingly, digital and traditional techniques harmonized with each other. It took one and a half hour from Nara. 


The essence of marketing lies in finding potential customers with unmet needs and satisfying their needs with our products or services. Sales experts manage to find lead customers, interact via emails, phones or SNS channels, and guide them to a business talk; It’s an art.


Meanwhile, overly aggressive sales pitches make nothing and simply irritate others. However hard sales representatives may try, customers do not care and consider it annoying. Results Come From Satisfying Clients’ Needs.


That said, finding people with needs for your products/services is challenging. Inbound marketing may be valuable, but most people fail to find potential customers without asking about their needs proactively (outbound marketing), except for splendid marketers.


Customers will appreciate our efforts if we inquire about their needs in a comfortable manner and succeed in satisfying them. Both we and our customers will become happy through solving entangling issues. As various sales support companies exhibited their services in the Expo, I could find practical ideas ready for implementation.


At one booth, I had an opportunity to peep at the screen of a customer relationship management tool. Corporate staff grasps our behavior at a level higher than we anticipate. They track our casual web browsing. As I walked all day long, the soles of my feet were sore. To refresh myself later, I enjoyed eating seasonal matsutake mushrooms to the full.