Our Office

Our Office

Corporate name Wada Translation Office Inc.
Founder and President Norikazu Wada
Phone number (+81) 50-3703-3697
Address Matsuda Building 2F, Sanjo-cho 475, Nara City, Nara Prefecture 630-8244, Japan
Foundation May 10, 2011
Establishment February 10, 2023
Business activity Translation services, Management/IR consultation services
Share capital 5 million yen
Accounting/tax advisor Hiroaki Yoshimatsu (Yoshimatsu Accounting Office)
Member organization

Past Projects


  • International hedge fund reports
  • Stock screening materials for ESG investment
  • Prospectus of domestic investment trusts
  • Annual reports, CSR reports
  • Equity/debt market reports for developed countries
  • Brochures and manuals for consolidated accounting software
  • Notices of convocation of general meetings of shareholders (Industries include manufacturing, real estate, leasing, finance, apparel, and social media)
  • Global market survey reports and press releases from reinsurance companies
  • International REIT fund reports
  • Guidance materials for persons insured under travel insurance
  • Stock exchange-related derivative documents
  • Global payment system materials (e.g. for SWIFT, credit card companies)
  • Audit reports (e.g. audit opinions, financial statements)
  • Financial media market news for equity/debt/foreign exchange
  • Board of Directors meeting minutes
  • Financial results briefing materials


  • Digital marketing company websites
  • Webinar subtitles for customer service companies
  • Websites, blogs, YouTube subtitles for customer relationship management (CRM) companies
  • Websites for consulting firms aiding overseas business expansion
  • e-commerce advertisement strategies for retail companies (e.g. social media campaigns, omnichannel strategies)
  • Customer newsletters for cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Blogs featuring advanced applications of AI technologies (e.g. quantum computing, self-driving, big data)
  • Subtitles for instructional videos, including how to open a bank account to receive stock options
  • Websites and sales promotion materials for 3D CAD firms
  • TV commercial proposal documents from advertisement agencies
  • Translation trial evaluations for job applicants to a gaming company
  • Movie promotion proposal documents
  • Survey reports for international pet food markets
  • Sales promotion materials for collaborative products in the fashion industry
  • Blogs for ETF funds targeting retail investors
  • Brochures for inbound tourists (on topics such as temples and shrines, cuisine, history)


  • Websites and manuals for digital transformation consulting firms
  • Websites and sales promotion materials for storage companies
  • Cloud and security documents
  • Website, sales promotion materials, and user interfaces (UI) for a printing manufacturer
  • Machine learning documents
  • Manuals for face recognition software
  • e-sports gaming PC documents
  • End-user license agreement (EULA) of various IT companies
  • Websites for open-source database companies
  • Accounting software operation manuals
  • Smart factory documents
  • Software UI
  • Brochures for a semiconductor company (e.g. product introductions, subtitling factory floor videos)
  • Websites and brochures for B2B telecommunications device manufacturers
  • ERP packaging software manuals for financial institutions
  • Operating system security update programs


  • Trust deeds for overseas resort hotels
  • Introductory materials for tourist destinations, cuisine menus
  • News articles (Japanese/international politics, international news, current affairs, sports)
  • Introduction websites for university departments
  • Employment agreements for personnel placement services
  • Brochures for human resource software
  • Translation trial evaluations for compliance documents
  • Festival brochures for local municipalities
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Documents on drug information software for physicians (Target audience: pharmaceutical company medical representatives)
  • Press releases, terms and conditions
  • Clinical data management software
  • Research papers for an economics professor
  • Technical specifications for large specialized vessels
  • Family registration documents (e.g. identity documents)
  • Documents for travelers going overseas (e.g. itinerary proposals, email communications)


Job description Wada Translation Office is recruiting experienced English-native reviewers and translators who can provide polished deliverables for Japanese-to-English projects.
 After screening of resumes, applicants will be asked to complete a short review and translation trial (unpaid) before a web interview.
 Please be aware that successful applicants will be able to deliver finely-tuned, polished products commensurate with professional standards.
Job types Reviewer and translator (applicants must be able to handle both tasks)
Recruitment scope Until capacity secured
Translation fields Finance, marketing, and/or IT
Employment type External service provider
Work location Remote
Remuneration Remuneration is based on Japanese source characters (including review tasks). Successful applicants with superior skills can expect favorable rates.

Applicant Requirements

Essential skills

  • Native English fluency with over seven years of Japanese to English document translation
  • Refined professional expertise in at least one translation field
  • Exceptionally high Japanese reading comprehension
  • Compliance with rigorous data handling policies

Desired skills

  • Expertise in multiple translation fields
  • Fully conversant with native level American English
  • Residence in Japan or an area with a minimal timezone difference to Japan

In your application, please include your preferred rates and
attach your CV to our inquiry form.

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