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I would like to personally thank you for visiting our website.
My name is Norikazu Wada, founder, chief translator, and coordinator of Wada Translation Office.

Our office handles translation projects from Japanese to English, and from English to Japanese. After I earned my Master of Business Administration, I handled finance duties at a major multinational corporation here in Japan. During that time, I recognized a number of struggles between Japanese and other cultures, making it harder for companies here in Japan to do business overseas, and vice versa. In a desire to help them overcome their struggles and be more effective in their work, I founded Wada Translation Office in 2011.

I am proud to say that we are exceptionally particular about ensuring maximum quality in our translations, reinforced by positive feedback from our clients in Japan and abroad. Translation is more than just replacing one word with another. A translator must be familiar with both the source and target language, acting as a bridge to clearly convey the original author's intent to the rest of the world. After more than a decade of supporting clients and earning their trust, Wada Translation Office successfully incorporated as a stock company in 2023, highlighting credibility gained in the market. Looking ahead, my hope is that we can use our expertise, backed by this credibility, to bring even greater support to our partners, old and new.


Established Wada Translation Office Inc.
Founded Wada Translation Office
Joined General Electric Japan, Ltd. as financial planner and analyst in real estate operations
Master of Business Administration, Kwansei Gakuin University,
Institute of Business and Accounting, International Management Course
Bachelor of Law, Kwansei Gakuin University,
School of Law and Politics

01Outstanding Quality

Our class-leading translations ensure that client documents are polished and at their best. Our agile, versatile team of expert translators takes the intent behind a manuscript to craft a thoroughly robust, natural document that follows its original intended purpose.

Norikazu Wada, our founder, has honed his skills through years of ensuring final quality for translation projects ordered by a number of major corporations. Wada holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) holder, and has extensive practical experience collaborating with English-speaking colleagues at a multi-national company. He is also a guide-interpreter licensed by the Japanese government.

Wada Translation Office's deliverables are backed by a team of consummate professionals, including experienced English-language writers with years of expertise and specializations.


Consistent, Reliable Translation

Clients are assigned a chief responsible translator, who will tailor their work to client preferences and provide consistent quality in deliverables. These select translators maintain a firm awareness of their clients' individual preferences, weaving together superior translations.

As the business relationship develops, we act as an artisanal cobbler, finely patching, polishing, and shining the translation so that it fits perfectly. For Japanese to English projects, all deliverables are scrutinized by experienced professionals to ensure perfect fluency.

Translation agencies are often fraught with turnover in their coordinators and translators, leading to poor consistency in their output. We invite you to experience a consistent, well-tailored level of quality, just like a favorite pair of shoes.

03Agility in Decision-making and Execution

Our flexible system enables us to swiftly and precisely meet our clients’ requests. Highly-experienced translators will quickly ascertain your needs and propose the right translation service for you.

Other agencies can hold client requests for days, even weeks, but Wada Translation Office offers a refreshing, responsive experience to its clients.

Choosing Wada Translation Office for your translation needs will help free you from tiresome waits for internal decision-making. We know that you have more on your mind than translations. Come talk to us so we can let you focus on what you do best while we help keep your business running smoothly.

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